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Blanc de Blancs


100% Chardonnay vinified in oak barrels


The nose is greedy

on white peach notes,  

hazelnut and a touch of white flowers


This champagne has a pale gold color

with green reflections, followed by a generous fine bubble


The palate is generous and greedy, candied argumes mingle with vanilla and takes us to a persistent and delicately spicy finish.

Blanc de Blancs


When the natural environment meets the talent of men

Perfect mastery of the blend, time left for the vintages to flourish in the cellar, the vineyard  family  exerts all his art to sublimate the character of the grapes he has rigorously selected.


The grapes are picked by hand and great care is taken in their transport to bring them intact to the press. The pressing of the ripe and healthy grapes is soft and fractionated in order to release juices of different qualities to retain only the best.


It is by associating tradition and modernity that our vintages are produced in thermo-regulated vats, in order to work them under the best conditions. Storage in oak barrels creates the conditions for "controlled oxidation" and gives the wines more roundness and fullness. Sheltered from light, the bottles remain in the cellar for a long period of maturation.

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