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Gustave Eiffel


A brand which, through the transmission of a traditional ritual, brings together the festive and grandiose spirit of these two French emblems par excellence .


Champagne symbolizes the French art of living. The Sun King's favorite drink, “vin qui mousse” has been synonymous with luxury and celebration since its creation in the 1670s in Champagne.

A cup of desire, of celebration. The must-see of the festivities to this day. Central to happy events, synonymous with accomplishment, symbol of sporting victory, it is universally perceived as the wine of happiness.

An explosion of joy


When the cork escapes, an explosion  like that of the fireworks illuminating the Eiffel Tower during the National Day. Also emblem of the pyramidal silhouette, the Iron Lady also embodies French vitality and inventiveness.

Despite the scandals aroused during its construction, the Tower built by Gustave Eiffel was the greatest success of the Universal Exhibition of 1889.

An emblem representing national pride which should in principle be destroyed only 20 years after its construction.

In order to save the Tower, its engineer assigned it a scientific vocation, as a gigantic antenna. Inescapable actress of the Great War, she then claimed her role thanks to many intercepted messages, thus becoming a symbol of freedom, victory, and celebration.  


Surrounded by the muselet plate, the cork stopper bears the same importance as the antennas of the Tower, protecting the effervescence of the champagne.  


Once poured into the cup, the champagne sparkles with life, resembling the Iron Lady's golden dress at nightfall.  

"When the champagne is  synonym of  legend. "

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